How to request service:

  • Contact us to discuss your project. (Email:
  • Please completed the following request form and submit by emailing ( or faxing (617-912-0114) to the GTVC core.

Inventory Vector

Customized Vector

  • Apply for a quote, using the GTVC Form below or email us directly
  • With quote, apply for PO # from your Institute (internal MEEI/SERI users can provide a grant/fund number to charge for the service)
  • For the customized vectors, submit plasmid DNA

Plasmid requirements

The user is required to provide the GTVC core with DNA prepared with an Endotoxin-free purification kit (Qiagen preferred). For MIDI prep werequire 500ug,  for MINI prep13ug DNA.  While these kits are commercially available, we offer a DNA purification service. Keep in mind that the quality of your DNA significantly affects quite the final titer of your virus.

The GTVC core will also request the following information:

  1. A clear map of the plasmid and a picture of restriction digests confirming the integrity of the plasmid and the ITR region.
  2. Fullsequence from ITR - ITR (Vector nti prefered)

Submission is not complete without sequence and digest information. Incomplete information will delay production.


Billing and Payment information

Payment Instructions:

Make all checks payable to Schepens Eye Research Institute, Inc. GTVC

20 Staniford Street

Boston, MA 02114

Attn: Yveta Masar

TIN: 04-2129889

If you have questions or need a quote please fill out the below form.

Publication and Citations

We request and appreciate that the investigators inform and acknowledge us in any publication using a virus derived from the Core.


 It is the responsibility of the Investigator and the PI to assure that use of viruses is in compliance with the Biosafety regulations of his/her institution. This may include institutional registration of the virus, and, for in vivo applications, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval of any animal protocols utilizing the virus before initiating experiments. No viruses received from the Core are suitable for use in humans. The GTVC core is not responsible for the virus once it is released.