The Gene Transfer Vector Core (GTVC) is a viral vector core facility located at the Schepens Eye Research Institute and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, both affiliated with Harvard Medical School.  GTVC is an integral part of the Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center and the Ocular Genomics Institute of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Our primary goal is to provide high titer, high quality research-grade viral vectors to the research community at Harvard, within Boston, and outside to support preclinical gene therapy studies and basic research gene transfer applications.

Our Services Include:

  • High titer, high quality research-grade adeno-associated viruses (AAV).
  • Production of customized vectors at different scales.
  • Inventory of ready-made reporter and commonly used gene vectors.
  • Consultation & assistance application specific vector design.
  • Plasmid cloning and purification support services
  • High quality full sequence analysis of source material


Gene Transfer Vector Core (GTVC)

Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center

Schepens Eye Research Institute & Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

20 Staniford Street

Boston, MA 02114


Phone: 617-573-6990

Fax: 617-912-0114